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you know what bios are, here are mine.


Gender: male

Age: late teens - early twenties

Species: human

Height: 5' 3"

Eyes: dark blue

Hair: untamed blond-brown, avg. 3" length

Facial hair: none, ever. (well, besides eyebrows)

Skin color: pale Caucasian.

Normal physical appearance: normally seems to wear a green t-shirt and tan pants, regardless of weather. if traveling, often wears a dark brown, floor-length, hooded cloak. wears a gold ring on second finger of right hand, gem on top of ring (about 1cm) matches avatar, 5 small (about 2mm) gems (red, brown, blue, white, and grey) are spaced evenly around the main gem. skin on back of left hand is darkened(sort of like a deep tan) in a pattern of three equilateral triangles(1" ea side) stacked to form a larger triangle. triangles glow slightly when controlling elements (top (nearest knuckles)=fire, lower right=water, lower left=earth, center(undarkened)=air). when using magiks, wields a staff of redwood topped with a spherical diamond. staff is smooth and straight like a cane, diamond glows when channelling magik. various other items may appear when in use.

Personality: normally calm, friendly, curious about new abilities/gadgets, sometimes unpredictable. Quirks: Never swears, instead uses alien phrases or tosses together random syllables when annoyed. likes the numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 13. occasionally uses pieces of various accents. has an affinity for Balance.

Preferred fighting methods: non-lethal methods include: a powerful sleeping spell. a spell to encase someone in a hardened shell of air, immobilizing them but not preventing breathing. and an EMP gun.(not a zat gun,) also quite skilled in various forms of martial arts. other methods include: various elemental attack spells(channeled through staff). various high-ROF guns, especially some modified, collapsible, "mini-guns". is a master in using twin katanas, which are enchanted never to dull or break. also quite skilled in various forms of martial arts.




in the EGS forum 'verses, Shadowwing's speech is a Dark Blue color. Shadow also has some access to the OOCZone, and any sections labelled simply "OOC" come from him.


A plushie version of Shadowwing, created during the "Chaos Cold" incident at Fort Mayhem. Looks like a 5 inch tall version of Shadowwing, but wearing a light blue t-shirt rather than green. being a duplicate of Shadowwing, Lumin has access to all the same items and abilities as Shadowwing does, though scaled down to plushie size. he generally has a cheerful attitude. Lumin's speech text is a bright Cyan color.


A universal alternate of Shadowwing with no special powers, and to whom Mayhem is just a message board on the internet. Gray helps Shadowwing and Lumin keep track of the various occurrences around EGS Main & Mayhem. Gray has taken to using the Shadow's drones to communicate with those in the ICzone. when Gray comments in any OOC space, his messages are usually tagged "mundane alt"

the poster

An alternate of Shadowwing in another universe where the EGS 'verses are just websites. he acts as an oracle, sharing the actions of Shadowwing and the others with the people on the EGS boards. on the rare occasion when he makes a comment, it bears the tag of "utter OOC".

RP Characters

the characters made for specific RPs. in order to save space, this will link to the bios used in the discussion threads.

Brian Deloy

Available Powers and Equipment

Here is the mostly comprehensive list of the items and abilities Shadowwing has collected in the course of his adventures. Lumin, being a duplicate of Shadowwing, can also use anything listed here, though it's usually scaled down to the appropriate size. (this area is also still undergoing major construction)


the list of any abilities not directly linked to an item.

his main power is the ability to consciously duplicate the powers/talents/skills of anyone he meets. he can also duplicate some small items, complete with any magikal effects it may have(i.e. if i dup' the DWD, you will have two DWDs that both do what the original did). he cannot duplicate whole living creatures.

he has a rough degree of Elemental Control over Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. he has also developed this ability enough to allow him turn into earth, water, or wind, usually wind, to travel great distances quickly. travelling as wind, called "wisping", is the easiest form of elemental travel. wisping cannot pass through airtight barriers, or vacuum, but it is fast enough to avoid getting sucked up by any suction device. travelling as water is limited to any directly connected water, i.e. it cannot be used to travel between two land-locked lakes, it also cannot travel up a waterfall. earth is the most difficult of the three elements to travel through, and becomes more difficult as the earth becomes denser. earth travel cannot pass through man-made objects.


this is the list of any of the various items Shadowwing can use to help accomplish his goals. and yes, it is plural. for clarity, the many items will be sorted into a few categories based on how often they are used.

Public Inventory

the same inventory as is located in the forum signature. however, the sig uses simplified names to save space, while this will also list the full names of the items. simple names, when used, will be placed in brackets.

  • 1 TF glove
  • 1 TF band
  • 1 TF gun
  • 1 UAI MK IV TF Gun w/ Chaos Magic Descriptor Enchantment & a number of Chaos symbols painted on it [1 Super CTF Gun]
  • 1 UAI MK IV TF Gun w/ Order Magic Descriptor Enchantment [1 OTF Gun]
  • 1 squirrel teddy,
  • 1 Bunny Beret,
  • Inf.(infinite) soda cans hand-labeled "furry soda" [Inf. Furry Sodas,]
  • Inf. soda cans hand-labeled "shrink soda" [Inf. Shrink Sodas,]
  • Inf. soda cans hand-labeled "femme cola" [Inf. Femme Cola,]
  • 1 cookie,
  • various Shen Gong Wu,
  • 2 EOU Droid arms with DRACO bracers,[2 DRACO Bracers]

Upper Inventory

contains the items that are used often, but are, for some reason, not listed in the public inventory.

  • the seven Chaos Emeralds, mainly used to teleport in flares of light.
  • his shirt and pants are actually a 1cm thick skintight spacesuit, called a Brightsuit, capable of changing it's appearance, that contains, among other things, a coms device, and an inertia-less FTL drive, that allows highly maneuverable personal flight in or out of atmosphere. has also been upgraded with Uryuom Work Suit technology.
  • a dark brown cloak, with various semi-magikal symbols sewn in with light brown thread.
  • a royal blue dress robe, with various semi-magikal symbols sewn in with gold thread(real gold, not just gold colored).
  • 1 Zat gun

Inner Inventory

items that have not been used in a while, but are still used occasionally.

  • 1 fire extinguisher

Deep Inventory

contains the items that have either never been used, or haven't been used in a long time, and are, either way, unlikely to be used anytime soon.

  • 1 carrot
  • 1 mini-squirrel (statue)
  • 1 mini-shrubbery
  • 1 dead fish

I'll add more when i can, when i think of it, or when necessary.

Bunny Comments

here is the place for other bunnies to place comments about Shadowwing and this page.

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