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llbg2's online avatar.

llbg2 is a 14 year old Bunny who, in his spare time, likes to play video games, sometime make video games, do art on the computer, or read a good book. Acquired his name by randomly slapping the keyboard.


On the Forums

Mostly will post on the main forum El Goonish Shive will eventually move his way on to Mayhem


Current Status

Normal (What is normal anyway?)


Not much of an hand drawn artist, llbg2 is good at using the program GIMP which is basically the same thing as Photoshop but free in every aspect.

Has had a deviantART account open since October, but has only recently begun posting his works on there. It can be found here, here, and here


  • Halo: Counterattack A 2D Halo fangame using YinYang's of The Veteran's Lounge forums. Was put on hold due to the fact that time was the least thing he had. May or may not be brought back to life.
  • Bouncy Bob's Big Adventure During a lapse of two weeks when llbg2 had no internet, he discovered the magic program called Gamemaker on his computer. In an attempt to figure out how to use this program, llbg2 created Bouncy Bob's Big Adventure. Simply put, it is a game were you dodge big gray blocks by using WASD. You can download this game by clicking here


  • Has beaten every single Pokemon game to date
  • Has played every single Final Fantasy game to date
  • Has aquaish eyes
  • Favorite food is Bacon Pizza
  • Is a Veteran of the forum The Veteran's Lounge

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