Booming Godlike Voice

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The Booming Godlike Voice is a character created for carrot..? by ProfessorTomoe. It is a non-corporeal entity of unknown origin that drifted into carrot..? after spending eons crossing the universe. Its presence has since permeated other areas of Mayhem.



Godlike (or Goddesslike - see below).


The Voice's personality is unknown, but it has an apparent leaning toward literalism and cruel irony. The Voice tends to pick up and act on random utterances made in carrot..?, with potentially mind-warping (and sometimes body-warping) results. It has been known to wreak massive destruction in one moment and then immediately follow the carnage with the creation of intense beauty. Only rarely does it respond to direct enquiries.

Current Status

The Voice is currently Goddesslike due to an encounter with a FemRay. It seems to be unconcerned with the change so far. Unknown as to whether or not it is permanent, or if any real change happened at all in the first place.

Of Special Note

The Booming God/Goddesslike Voice cannot be truly quoted without disabling HTML in the quoting post. It had no comment when asked about the matter.

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