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Graphics Maker of the Month winners
Year Winner
February 2008 Randy Orton
March 2008 FleX
April 2008 James Kidd

The Graphics Maker of the Month award is an efed award which can only be won by a member who makes GFX. The winner is commemerated for their hard work and good contribution to the graphics area during the previous month. They could also have won the competition, simply from their improvement.

The Process

The nominations process is where champions from the various official GFX championships in DXX (DXX BattleGround, Rated GFX Variety Championships and Ratedeth's GFX Revolution) nominate their choice for Grpahics Maker of the Month. Afterwards, the poll is posted in a specialised board and every member may vote once.
No member is allowed to vote for themselves.

Recent History

The competition only started in February of 2008 so the history is not extremely complex. The current GFX Maker of the Month is James Kidd. In April 2008 his GFX improved significantly and he actively contributed to the graphics area in general for him to win this award.

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