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Mona is a Digibutter member full of l33t randomosity. Lolz.

Mona in WarioWare: Smooth Moves


Quick Profile

Name: Mona

Age: 15

Species: Human

Affiliations: WarioWare, Inc., Mona's Pizza, Digibutter.nerr, her million jobs.

Main Color: Deep Sky Blue. Others vary upon Avatar.

Shop: Mona's Minishop

Joined: 18 May 2007/05 Aug 2007

Number: 165th/414th

Basic Info

Mona was previously known as Kitayl, Kit Quizmo, and Ashley. Mona has a reputation for being rather random, along with randomly popping up whenever pizza is mentioned. How she does it remains unknown...

Mona in WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgame$!

Mona is also known for her boards. "Amuse Me" is her personal favorite one she's made, it centers around other users trying to make Mona laugh in real life. As of yet, all attempts have failed. "TimeFlip" is an Rp of hers, which has the plot of villains finally taking over due to someone screwing things up in the Timestream.


Mona and Crystal are l33t n33r5!

Mona and Mimi are Dimentio followers!

Mona and Frozenwinters are Kawaii~!

Mona and Maiq the Liar are dancing with mudkipz!


Mona, with her persuading abilities, has referred five members to Digibutter.nerr; Crystal, Frozenwinters, Griffon, Kuro and Mimi. She's known them from Neopets and The Minja Region, a Pokemon Forum.


Mona had actually joined not long after the creation of Digibutter, but created a new account. The reason for this is because she had gone on a several month hiatus, and when coming back, didn't like her username and hadn't heard of the nametag. Confirming the rumors, Mona's old account was Tayl, the 165th member. OMG all you want, but it was obvious when she rejoined as Kitayl, yes?

Soon, Kitayl changed to Kit Quizmo, who has the opposite personality of Ashley, and was famous for her random quiz shows. A while after, she changed her name to Ashley, the teen witch-shot-MAGE introduced in WarioWare: Touched.

After Francis stated he was changing the Name Tags, Ashley began thinking about switching to another character, one more like her. After playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves, she was inspired and made her final name change Mona...


  • Favorite Board: Roleplaying/Off-Topic
  • Favorite Own-Made Thread: Mona's Pizza
  • Favorita Overall Thred: Hail Dimentio (lulz)
  • Favorite Color: Red/Black/Deep Sky Blue
  • Favorite Character: Mona. XD
    Mona in WarioWare: Twisted!
  • Favorite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Favorite Subject: Science
  • Favorite Element: Water/Fire


  • Mona's birthday is April 10th, and is really 13.
  • Mona's lucky color is Black, and her lucky element is Water.
  • Mona is also a member of Wikipedia and MarioWiki.
  • Mona has joined almost 10 virtual pet sites, her most visited one Neopets. Her username there is Kitayl for contact.

Then she later got her account deleted for advertising Digibutter.

  • TimeFlip originated from an Rp she did on Neopets, and ended up on Digibutter.
  • Mona is a member of, as Kit Quizmo. She has written several fanfics, most of them Mario fanfics.
  • Mona has used many real names, from Kita to Leya, but her REAL name is actually Taylor. She claims to hate it because it's a very common name. Her stepbrother has the same name, as Taylor is a boy and a girl name.
  • Mona is an Aries, a Green Dog, and a Red Tiger.
  • Mona is an expert in Meteorology, Astronomy, Astrology, among other things like writing. She also is supposedly a good leader, due to the fact she was invited to a Junior Leadership Conference in Washington DC. She was forced to decline due to the price though.
  • Mona is in 8th Grade.
  • Mona is known to adore trivia, and enjoys exploiting random facts when the time comes up. She's been on the Honor Roll many times, and has a B average. She also won Creativity and Writing awards in 7th Grade.
  • Mona and Taylor are oddly similar in real life...
  • Mona discovered Digibutter.nerr by playing Super Paper Mario, then looking it up on Wikipedia.
  • Mona thinks this list is too freaking long.
  • I-131 is an Iodine isotope used to treat hyperthyroidism, a condition causing an overactive thyroid. However, it may backfire and make a thyroid COMPLETELY inactive. 20,000 curies of I-131 were released in the incident, so I-131 was the main cause of deaths. I-131 has a half-life of only 8.06 days, but it can do plenty of damage before then. While destroying the thyroid is an internal effect of it, external effects include burns to the eyes and skin. Basically, it’s not an isotope you want to mess around with.

*Cs-137 is an isotope of Cesium, and 1,240 curies of it were released in the Windscale Fire. Cs-137 is used to help treat cancer, and is created by nuclear fission, which is why it is usually found after nuclear explosions, even with nuclear bombs. Cs-137 has a half-life of 30.17 years, which means it’s still cycling around the earth to this day. Cs-137 is extremely dangerous; it can cause burn, acute radiation sickness (ARS), and even death. It caused more deaths than I-131.

*Sr-89 is an isotope of Strontium, also known as “Strontium Chloride Sr-89”. It is used to relieve pain in the bones of cancer patients. 137 curies of Sr-89 were released into the air after the fire.

*Sr-90 is another isotope of Strontium, but Sr-89 and Sr-90 have different purposes. It is mainly used for energizing space vehicles and remote weather stations, along with the uses of Sr-89. Only 9 curies of it were released in the accident, but it was still able to cause bone marrow diseases and forms of cancer afterwards. It has a half-life of 29.1 years, and it remains in the air today just like CS-137.

*Po-210 is an isotope of Polonium, and about 240 curies of it were released in the atmosphere after the Windscale Fire. It is harmless EXTERNALLY, but if inhaled or eaten (eating contaminated food, etc), it can cause irradition of internal organs, causing serious medical conditions, and even death. The half life of Po-210 is 140 days, but it can cause plenty of sicknesses and deaths by that time.

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