Mona's Pizza

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Mona's Pizza is a growing fad started by none other than Mona herself.



When Tayl/Kitayl/Kit Quizmo/Ashley changed her name to Mona, she had a desire to talk about pizza. Thus, the Pizza fad was born...

How it Works

Whenever somebody says pizza, Mona crashes through the board's window and delivers pizza. Oddly enough, this even happens when Mona wasn't even at the board until that point. When questioned, she replied: "Because my Pizza Sense tinglez". We then fired the DigibutterWiki reporter.

Mona's Pizza

Recently, Mona has created a Digibutter board to specifically serve the purpose of people ordering their Pizza's beforehand. Although Mona will now be prepared to deliver said pizza, she also mentioned her Pizza Sense shall remain for those who fail to order beforehand...


Mona's Pizza


Tetra= 1 medium pepperoni and sausage.

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