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Ashley is one of Mona's Characters, and recurring alts.



Ashley, alongside with being a recurring Mona Alt, was also her previous account name. (See Ashley) This Ashley started the Make me Laugh fad.


Coming soon...Ashley's got a lot of stuff, yes? >_>


  • Ashley started the Make me Laugh fad.
  • Although Ashley is normally paired with Red, Ashley tends to keep him in either scepter or broom form.
    You are glared at!
  • Ashley once worked with Frozenwinters to raise Jynx during The War of September 1st, but their attempt failed.
  • You are glared at!
  • Even though her magic powers are greater than nearly all, she rarely uses such power on her foes and such.
  • Rather than magic, Ashley seems to prefer stabbing people. O_o
  • As of recently, Ashley seems to be more secluded and quiet rather than her normal "killing" mood. Is she going under a personality change? :O

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