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Mimi is a fairly new member to the site, and fails to have most of the awsomeness that most of the members have. She first joined the site on August 21, 2007 after being nagged and manipulated by a friend on the site to do so. Upon joining, her name was Doopliss, but that was quickly changed upon realizing that the old Doopliss returned. Besides, she epicly failed as Doopliss anyway.

Now, Mimi resides as a suger-high maniac who attempts to make other members laugh with her antics. Usually failing epicly, at that.


Ashley and Mimi are Dimentio followers

Dispite the fact that they don't seem preticularly fond of each other on Digibutter, Mimi, Ashley, and Crystal are all sort of friends. They all inhabit a guild on a website known as Neopets called "~:|Super Mario Galore|:~".


- Mimi, offsite, has a fear of hights and any working toaster.

- Mimi owns a Pokemon role play forum, which can currently be concidered dead. There, she is refered to as "Zero".

- On the neopets website, Mimi goes by either "clawzzy" or "duplighost".

- Mimi's favorite movies are anything in the "Monty Python" or "The Pink Panther". Comidies pwn.

- Her favorite game is Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year door. Close behind it is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Super Paper Mario.

- Mimi epicly fails Wii Sports.

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