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"You know, I just love being an attention-grubbing whore, so I figured, 'what better way to stir up drama than to tell everyone I should have been born with tits and a vagoo? Everyone will LOVE me!' So I proceeded to do so. It sure does feel great being a cock-loving faggot." --TotalSpaceshipGuy3 regarding his douchebaggery


Personal Stuffings

  • Name: Faggot
  • Age: 69
  • Living in: Dumbfuckistan


TotalSpaceshipGuy3 joined Digibutter.nerr on April 30, 2007, making him the 82nd member of Digibutter.nerr. Since then, he has amassed over 7300 posts, and has been appointed to moderator status, along with Francine, Popple, Chaos Dimentio, Plastic Mario and Mister I. However, he gave up this status on November 12th due to blatant lack of skill at his job.

Being a fanatic of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, TotalSpaceshipGuy3 has undergone several name/sex changes.

  • On July 12, 2007, TotalSpaceshipGuy3 became Miles Edgeworth.
  • On August 3, 2007, Miles Edgeworth became Franziska von Karma.
  • On August 18, 2007, Franziska von Karma changed his avatar and sig to imply change to Kyouya Garyuu.
  • On August 22, 2007, Franziska von Karma changed his avatar and sig to imply change to Winston Payne.
  • On the same day, Franziska von Karma changed his avatar and sig to imply change to TotalSpaceshipGuy3.
  • On August 25, 2007, Franziska von Karma changed his name back to TotalSpaceshipGuy3.


  • Chaos Dimentio and TotalSpaceshipGuy3 are made of pure, unadulterated WIN.
  • TotalSpaceshipGuy3 and Parabuzzy Queen are WANTING TO HUG GODOT! D:
  • TotalSpaceshipGuy3 and CBLuigi are constructing additional pylons.
  • TotalSpaceshipGuy3 and TotalSpaceshipGuy3 are owning characters that share feelings.
  • Maya Fey and TotalSpaceshipGuy3 are not foolish fools



  • Wow, what a little bitch. He should probably just off himself.


  • Something about squirrels. Oh, and TSSG3's a faggot. NEXT.

Maya Fey

  • As a connoisseur of anal sex, I can tell you right now that he gives the BEST doggie-style west of the Mississippi.

His Current Situation

TotalSpaceshipGuy3 is currently playing Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III. With his man-cunt hanging out. Ew.


  • His favorite scent is a tie between black licorice and roses.
  • His birthsign is Libra, his birthstone is sapphire, his birthflower is the morning glory/aster.
  • His favorite MUGEN characters are Slightly Pissed Off Ryu, Juggernaut and Super Mario.
  • Yes you are front. Shiite out of luck. Now he's complete and his sock you will suck.


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