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~There is a million ways to kill a man. This is number 932.

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Plastic Mario is the 232nd member to join Digibutter. He is also a moderator.

He is a dedicated Guild Wars fan. His primary character and internet personality is Shadowmaster, an assassin that enjoys his drink a little too much.

Months ago, Plastic changed his name to Fiberglass Mario, as part of a running joke. He changed back, however, due to high demand.

Now that I'm completely bored and there's nothing going on in the forum, I can make this actually half-decent.

As of somewhere around Jan. 10, Plastic Mario has been Plastic Miku, bearing teal-ish small text. However, the change is not permenant...

Slightly organized stuff <---Profile <---Shop

Favorite game: Guild Wars (=O)

Favorite forum: Off-Topic / RP-OT (Big surprise.)

Least favorite forum: Media (I've posted once in there, I think.)

Favorite Digibutter fad: it sank

Least favorite Digibutter fad: Seesaws

Number of FFs wrote: 4

Number of successful FFs wrote: 1 (Just barely)

Number of secret moderator world domination plots: 9001

Number of times secret plot kept secret: -9001

Nintendo consoles owned: 3 (N64,GC and Wii)

Times worn jeans: 1

it sank: Yes

Chance I will add more after this: 10%

Outdated info: Yes

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