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Mister I is the 56th Member of digibutter.nerr and a current moderator. He is best known for disappearing at awkward times and nearly never posting.


On April 22, 2007, the future Mister I was loitering around the once-popular Gamefaqs Super Paper Mario boards. While looking up random rants about Francis and people saying how epic Dimentio is, he stumbled upon a small hyperlink to the forum of digibutter. Loving both the character and forums about Mario in general, Mister I quickly jumped in at the opportunity. Of course, most of his posts were awkward and undeveloped at the time, usually being misquoted to the amusement of Hario. However, Mister I tried his best to settle in...

Role-Playing Career

After surfing the limited interwebs of the then-tiny community of digibutter, Mister I finally tried to establish himself in the Role-Play forum. However, being on a comedy spree, Mister I projected his namesake character as "the idiot who just happened to be there". However, after being drawn into space by several events involving various topics and other such random things, he became an extreme force in the RP world. Mister I recruited many other members, such as Piccolo the Pixl, Pure-???, and later, Dark Prognosticus, to help him against random enemies to use his various means. However, after a few months of role-playing, the old "dominant" RP began to die, so Mister I killed off his characters in a simotaneous explosion.

Mister I's attacks in the RP were normally insane and made no sense whatsoever. For a final attack, Mister I sent his victims to "Mister I World", where up was fish and not being insane got you zaped with lasers.

He is now generally well liked, well respected, and very successful in RPOT

Current Status

A few days after the role-playing commotion died, Mister I basically went into obsqurity. He tried following trends, but often failed miserably. He was often subjected to members in the section of obsquirity, often being forgotten or a joke to Lord Bowser. However, he somehow eventually gained moderator status through a random miricle and idiotic kindness. Unlike other mods, however, Mister I almost never used his status or powers. He was more of a "stand on the sidelines" kind of person. Mister I has had the least to do with parties, events, and random wars.

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