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"Hi. Love the cock. That is all."

Chaos Dimentio's forum avatar.


Membership Status

Chaos Dimentio is the 299th member to join Digibutter. She joined on July 3rd, 2007, just before Digibutter had its first Independence Day party. The addition of new Moderators was announced on July 23rd by Francis, the site's Head Admin, and Chaos Dimentio was one of the selected users.

Personal History

Chaos Dimentio first discovered Digibutter.nerr in a way that many others did: She happened to be playing Super Paper Mario (for the second time in ages), and upon reaching Chapter 3-1, 'When Geeks Attack', the mention of a Digibutter.nerr forum by the almighty Francis drove her to make a Google Search on the subject. Sure enough, the hi-technical '' came up. Chaos Dimentio joined under the name... Chaos Dimentio.

Her beginnings were marked with the bearing of a considerable aura of complete confusion concerning many of the site's features (such as Items and Relationships)GENDER, LOL, but most of the members were kind enoughbig enough faggots to help her adjust soon enough. Digibutter.nerr held Chaos Dimentio's fascination like very few other sites had ever managed to, and she began to dedicate herself fully towards jumping right into the fun, in her own unique fashion (Eww).

In times past, she attempted to exude the personality of the character Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. Getting into the mindset of her acted characters is something that Chaos Dimentio enjoys immensely. Once she grew accustomed to her fellow Nerrs on Digibutter, Chaos Dimentio opened her own shop, 'Dimension D', which enjoyed a (very) brief success spree, along with a temporary signature service for other Nerrs.

Chaos Dimentio's chief interests are writing, United States history, human psychology, and of course, video games!


25 Relationships Total (THAT MAKES HER POPULAR, GUYS!)

Chaos Dimentio and Nastasia are married before the Apocolypse

O Chunks and Chaos Dimentio are mother and daughter.

Green Para-Koopa and Chaos Dimentio are liking to keep things even... even... even...

Mario-Dude and Chaos Dimentio are taking over the world.

MsDevin92 and Chaos Dimentio are awesome.

MsDevin92 and Chaos Dimentio are flying beyond the stars!

Chaos Dimentio and MALAK are EPIC. That is all.

Chaos Dimentio and TotalSpaceshipGuy3 are made of pure, unadulterated WIN.

CBLuigi and Chaos Dimentio are pondering whether or not to PIE you.

frozenwinters and Chaos Dimentio are readin' books

Mona and Chaos Dimentio are FRANIS in FRANIS love FRANIS!!!

Chaos Dimentio and Nastasia are a couple.

Greenlight and Chaos Dimentio are Guardians of Nerr.

Medikoopa and Chaos Dimentio are Intermarried. (It begins with magic.)

Chaos Dimentio and Francis are Masters of Nerr.

Francine and Chaos Dimentio are awesome.

Popple and Chaos Dimentio are Partners in crime, also we better than you, LOL!

Black Twilight and Chaos Dimentio are AUSUM. NUFF SAID.

Pure-??? and Chaos Dimentio are partners in magic!

Yellow Magikoopa and Chaos Dimentio are the greatest things since sliced bread.

Chaos Dimentio and Hario are masters of colorful deception!

Chaos Dimentio and CBLuigi are about to throw PIE at you!

Chaos Dimentio and The Chaos Heart are made of pure, unadulterated WIN.

Zelnor and Chaos Dimentio are plotting evil together.

Light Prognosticus and Chaos Dimentio are rivals!

Miscellaneous Information

Chaos Dimentio's AIM screenname is StrGravity, and her MSN username is Her YouTube channel name is Jaradirt, and her personal DeviantArt account is titled ChaosDimentio.

The Friend Code for her Wii system (nicknamed 'Cocksucker') is 4054 - 9757 - 1074 - 8404.

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