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This page is about the fad, and should not be confused with the banned user.

It Sank is a fad started by Mama Luigi and heavly forced by Meow Mixer. Maiq the Liar techincally started this fad.


Mama Luigi posted a thread that phailed. Of course, Maiq had to corrupt it by posting a picture of a sinking boat that said "All Aboard The Fail Boat!" Mama Luigi replied with something that would be remembered in the minds of everyone everywhere- It sank. Meow Mixer revived the ghey topic, and everyone started posting in it. Mama Luigi thought the phrase sounded cool, and started making topics called It sank. One topic, Poll: It sank (Topic) was 40+ Pages with it sank (85% of the posts from Meow Mixer).

The phrase is now used as a phrase for when somebody fails at a certain thing.

Mama Luigi has mentioned that it must be spelled "It sank." for it to be correct. Anyone who says "It sunk" or "It floated" phails.

The Person Who Wrote This Article's Spelling

it sank

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