Francis Emoticon

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An emoticon created by Maiq the Liar for the Emoticon Contest.

The Francis emoticon is one of the most famous emoticons on the site. Mama Luigi spammed with this emoticon, making him being thrown in the Digibutter Prison. People often use it for spam. The emoticon has been named Franis, after Mama Luigi's poor grammar from Franis ben mi plx. Francis uses this Smiley also, it should be noted.

The Francis Smiley was put into many animated gifs.This also started the Heads On GIFs fad.

One of the more recent appearances of the Francis Emoticon is Whacka's webcomic, Super Paper Digibutter. It has the emoticon portrayed as a character called Franis, who is a parody of O'Chunks.

The Francis Emoticon loves to be rubbed
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