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The Sprout'd fad/meme originated in the Off-Topic thread "Hail Dimentio," started by the user LordBlumiere. The word itself refers to the Floro Sprouts used by Dimentio to make others do his bidding.


Symptoms of being sprout'd include:

  • Speaking in bold, italic text
  • A visible Floro Sprout on avatar
  • Pledging one's undying loyalty to Dimentio.
  • Talking in a Diferent color.
  • Moments of resistance to Floro-Sprout's control.
  • Saying random colors, sush as "GREEEENNNN!!!!"

Hail Bleck


"Hail Bleck..." is a topic started by Princess Daisy, as a spinoff of "Hail Dimentio...". It officially surpassed "Hail Dimentio..." on September 13, 2007.

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