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Imma bite choo

Mama Luigi is a well known member around Digibutter, and one that started 2 fads. A spammer, he joined June 26, 2007, 2 days after his birthday. He left on January 18, 2008.



When Mama Luigi first joined, he discovrered the dump. Most of his posts went into this place. Of course, he also posted in other places to.

After a bit, he was well known for spamming alot.

The post quality inident

Then came the ultra spamming. Mama Luigi was flamed at by Members/Bridget. He posted words from to any word he could find in any topic. Bridgit was now pissed. He decided to murder his post quality. Doign this, his post quality was turned almost up all of the way to 300! He stopped the psamming, and apologized- but it didnt stop there. Bridgit kept on doing this, until he finally PM'd Bridgit to stop, and then Bridgit told him the point of this problem- Puppy Punting. A previous fad, Mama Luigi had changed everything in his profile to match somethign about Puppy Punting. Mama Luigi changed it, and then the final descion was made- The PQ feature was removed.

Fads started

Jail time

Mama Luigi has also served his jail time. He has been jailed 6 times so far.


Mama Luigi has left the forums due to personal reasons.

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