LOK Land the ship in the landing bay.

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Krystal guides the Arwing with little difficulty into the landing bay.

She releases the canopy and with a woomf the warm air inside rushes out, and a wave of cool air washes over her bared matted fur. On the way back up, it had gotten so warm inside the cockpit, she had unzipped the flightsuit straight down to her navel in order to cope; had the ship been just another 5 minutes away, she was certain she would have had to strip naked.

"K-Krystal?" squeaks a surprised voice. "You're back early." Standing up in her seat, Krystal looks over the side. Slippy, the ship's engineer, blushes a complimentary shade of crimson as he vainly tries not to ogle the bared blue cleavage of his fellow pilot. Krystal arches her back in a tired stretch, as her breasts strain against the leather fabric of her flightsuit. She looks down at the green frog.

"Slippy, you know I hate to complain... but you really need to fix the climate control in my cockpit." She leans over the side of her Arwing, her large breasts swaying gently. "It is far too hot in that thing. I could have baked a potato in there."

"S-sorry Krystal." Slippy squeaks, his eyes drifting downwards, and then darting back up to meet hers. "Things have been awfully hectic here lately. I'll add it to my list of things to do." Slippy turns to leave.

Does she:

Location:The Great Fox- The Hangar

Health 100 Equipment:


MP 0
Level 0
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