LoK Go to the ship's recreational area to relax in the pool.

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Krystal grins when Slippy's gone.

He certainly liked what he saw. But now it's time for a swim.

Stopping at her quarters she peels off her sticky flightsuit and discards it. From her dressing cabinet she pulls out, and changes into, her dark blue string bikini. Wrapping a towel around herself she then walks to the Great Fox's pool.

Falco, a fellow Arwing pilot, is here lazily backstroking in circles. Oooh, She feels a flush of heat as she eyes his red speedo and especially the bulge barely contained by a layer of thin red lyrca, those toned abs aren't bad either. Noticing Krystal he glides towards her, propping his blue-feathered arms up on the pool's edge and looks up at her. He scoffs, "Shouldn't you be training?"

"Things got a little hot in the cockpit," Krystal says, dropping her towel and revealing herself with a flourish, "So I had to cancel. Mind if I join?"

Falco snorts, gives her a half-smile. Then he kicks off the pool's edge, sending him to the center of the pool.

That wasn't a 'no'. Krystal hops into the water and sends ripples cascading outward.

She holds her breath and lets herself sink. She surfaces in a shower of water, and smooths back her wet hair. This is good, Krystal thinks, and watches Falco swim. But it can be better!

I've heard Falco isn't into women, but he's never met a woman like me before. A cannonball off the diving board would certainly get his attention, but it would be more interesting if my top were to "accidentally" come off. He'd never notice me loosening my top before I jumped. Krystal tried to imagine his reaction to her large breasts and grinned. I would love to see his eyes pop out when he sees me.

Falco continues his swim, ignorant of her plotting. Krystal grinned as a naughty thought came to her. I could swim up to him, and when he least expects it, pull down his speedo and play 'keep away'. That'll be good for a few laughs. I'm pretty quick in water. He'd have trouble catching me.

Or, you know, I could ask him to help me wash my back in the pool's showers. Maybe he'll take me up on my offer. Who knows?

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

String Bikini

MP 0
Level 0
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