LoK Head to her quarters to get changed.

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Krystal enters her quarters and finishes unzipping the flight suit, proceeding to peel it off slowly with a sigh of relief, glad to be in an air-conditioned space. Before putting anything on to replace it, though, she decided a shower would be in good order.

Stepping into the warm cascade of water, Krystal let her stress wash away. Her mind turned to thoughts of Fox, a little concerned that he was getting too stressed out over the recent missions. Maybe she could convince Fox to take a little break from all this training. Maybe a vacation on Sauria, or maybe just a little "fun" on the ship. But then again, she realized that Fox also derived pleasure from flying his Arwing.

Once the last of the shampoo is rinsed off her, she turns off the shower and wraps herself in a towel after drying off. Walking towards her dresser, she thought about what to put on as she dropped her towel into the laundry chute.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

MP 0
Level 0
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