LoK Call Slippy back before he makes it too far.

From Create Your Own Story

Kystal watches the little green frog amble away from her at a brisk pace.

"Hang on, Slippy- what do you mean 'the to do pile?' How big is it?"

"Pretty big," calls Slippy, walking into out of the hangar, and ducking into the hallway- both Krystal and her ample bosoms jog after him. Slippy continues, staring single-mindedly down the hall, towards the doors of his shop. Krystal steps up the pace, her long legs easily overtaking the shorter, more harried green pair she competed with. Slippy skids to a halt in order to avoid a (not unwelcome) collision with his female teammate. "How big is pretty big, Slippy? If I've got to take that glorified oven into a battle, I'm either doing it without a canopy, or I'm going completely naked. Neither option is particularly appealing."

Slippy pauses and sighs, mentally preparing a list in his head. He pushes open the doors to his shop, and motions Krystal to follow him.

The vixen pauses at the doorway- she can't remember the last time Slippy allowed her in his shop. No... no, wait. She can remember some of it. Tequila was involved somehow...

"Peppy needs me to install replace every chair he uses on this ship with something more ergonomic. He also needs the pellet dispenser in his room fixed. I keep telling him he doesn't have a pellet dispenser, it's a fish tank, but he's just not listening anymore. I need to update ROB's Software- he keeps piling hard drives on one section of the ship, and then moving them to the other. He's been doing this for weeks and no one seems to have noticed but me. Your friend Samus needs a new windshield installed on her ship. Again. Which I'm only doing as a favor to you, I'll point out- she scares me, Krystal. Falco's been on at me to fix the shower in his quarters, telling me that the massage setting isn't quite deep-tissue enough. He also needs me to create not one, but TWO blaster sound modulators. He wants to be able to choose the sound effect his blaster makes when it fires." To punctuate his point, Slippy picks up a small grey box with 6 buttons on it from his workbench. Pressing one, the tinny tones of "La Cucaracha" fill the workshop. He continues, "And Fox... " The frog deflated a bit. "Sorry, Krystal. I didn't mean to blow up there. I'm... I'm just feeling a bit overworked lately..."

Krystal looks down at the frazzled engineer...

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Flightsuit, Krystal's Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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