LoK Leave Slippy to his work.

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The tall blue vixen walks out of the doors of the hangar, leaving the frog to his tasks. His task list couldn't be all THAT big, Krystal thought. He'll probably have better luck if I'm not around to distract him. The meandering thought entered her head, questioning whether she should encourage him to make her a higher priority... but dismissed it just as quickly. She and Slippy have an unusual relationship, inasuch that it's not hampered by sexual tension. At least not from Krystal's point of view.

Krystal stops at the lift at the end of the hall, taking a moment to jiggle her large breasts back into the safety of her flight suit. Krystal struggled getting the zipper over her mounds, when the lift opened- revealing the occupant.

"Katt!" Krystal beamed, rushing forward to embrace her friend.

The pink cat snaps back to attention, blinking. "Krystal!"

"How long have you been here?" Krystal asked, embracing her old friend.

"Oh, an hour or two- I can't find anyone though... well... except for Slippy and Peppy... but Slippy's busy and Peppy's... " her voice trailed off. "Peppy's just not the same."

Krystal nods, and gets into the elevator with her old friend. Pressing the button for her floor, she answers: "Fox is out flying around, practicing. He should be in later, though."

"And Falco?"

Krystal shot a sideways glance at her friend. Katt had always been infatuated with Falco... Falco... well, Krystal wasn't sure if Falco reciprocated. While the vixen had never tested it, she wasn't sure if women were the bird's style. "I'm not sure where he is; I haven't seen him since this morning. " Katt's expression fell a bit. "Heeeey-" Krystal nudged her friend. "- he's here somewhere... you'll find him eventually. But how about some girl time first? Just you 'n' me?"

The doors ding open on Krystal's floor, and the blue fox pulls her companion out of the car. "Come on, girl- you and me are hitting the pool."

Katt protests, "I didn't think to bring my suit with me- and don't you dare suggest we swim nude."

"You can borrow one of mine... now, come on!"

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Flightsuit, Krystal's Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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