LoK Help Slippy blow off a bit of pent-up steam.

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The blue vixen mulled over the list, and her available options. While some of the items on Slippy's list are more important- or at least, as important- as her Arwing's climate control, she'd be damned if she was going to take second place to Falco's vanity items.

"What would I have to do..." starts Krystal slowly, "...to move up a few notches on that list?"

The frog blinked. "Um..." he says intelligently. "...what?"

Krystal quickly steps forward and wraps her fingers around the sides of Slippy's belt. She thrusts her chest against her shorter crewmate, his face buried in her fuzzy cleavage. She rolls her shoulders expertly, slowly sliding her breasts out from under her flightsuit. As each of her light blue globes jiggle free, Slippy's eyes get a little wider. After a few moments, Slippy begins breathing again. His large eyes look up at the taller vixen.


She smiles at his innocence, like predator to her prey. "I'm not asking to move all the way up the list..." she breathes. "Just..." Krystal moves her hands closer to his fly. "...just a few inches." Krystal slowly slid down to her knees, rubbing her breasts along Slippy's chin, and down his chest. She let go of his belt- she had to; he was shorter than most of the men she was used to- and stood on her hands and knees in front of him, looking up at him with her large blue eyes.

"H-how... many inches?" Slippy gasps.

Krystal looks at the bulge in his pants. "'bout five, I think..." She wags her tail slowly, moving her hips as she does so. "Will you... bump me up the line a bit, Slippy?"

The engineer- face now very pink- says nothing, and draws down the zipper on his pants hesitantly, as if he were afraid this was a trap. He stops halfway down. The Cerinian stops watching the zipper, and looks back up at the frog. "I... I can't... I have a girlfriend..."

Krystal chuckles to herself. "Oh Slippy, don't think of it as a blowjob... think of it as a favour between friends. A special way I say please... you're hardly being unfaithful." Slippy looked unconvinced, but his zipper dropped down a bit more. Krystal laid it on thick. "Besides, you'll never tell her, and I don't even know who she is. This'll stay between us."

With that, the zipper falls the rest of the way down. Slippy undoes the button on the front of his pants and, after another second's pause, allows his cargopants and boxers to fall to the floor.

Krystal looks at what stands before her, bobbing an inch from her nose. "Five and a half inches."

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

'Half a flightsuit, Krystal's Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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