Forbidden Love

From Create Your Own Story

A thudding of shoes on pavement is the only sound that penetrates the night air. You can hear your own heart thundering away in your ears as you race from a nearby and very large home. You have a backpack slung over one shoulder. Just as your round a corner, an alarm goes off back at the building you left behind. You grin to yourself. "Perfect timing, as always!" You're dressed all in black, so as not to be noticed. You're sure in about four minutes the police will have arrived, but by then you'll be back at home, without a care in the world.

And so you are. You unload your backpack at your apartment several blocks away from the scene of the crime. You toss your flashlight and rope out of the way in order to view your true price. Ah, there it is. You smile softly at the sight of it. A one of a kind original 1960s doll from a specific manufacturer that is no longer in existence. The doll is made of fine materials, real sapphires adorn her neck, silk and lace line her dress, there are even real diamond earrings for her ears. This doll is worth quite a bit. But the price tag doesn't interest you. That's not why you are a thief. You would never steal from someone just to gain money or a nice item. The only reason you stole this particular doll was because there is a granddaughter out there of a woman who died and wished to leave it to her, who deserved it. Having heard it had been scooped up by some wealthy jerk who decided making a profit off of it was much more important than caring about breaking a little girl's heart, you knew you had to do something.

And that is just the sort of crimes you commit. You consider them noble, and yet...They really are crimes. Which leads you to another problem. That problem being a man named Jase. Jase Carter doesn't know what you do in your free time, but you sure do adore him. He's a detective who arrests people who steal things. What would he do if he ever finds out your secret?

As you set the doll aside, knowing you will return it the next day to it's rightful owner, your phone rings. You glance at your clock. It's 1AM. You pick up your phone and frown as the incoming call flashes JASE across the screen. You pick it up. "Hello?"

The voice on the other end sounds friendly, but worried. "Sarah? Hey, um...Listen...There's been a break in a few blocks from your place. Your doors are all locked right? You okay?" Normally, such a sweet, concerned sentiment from a man you've got some serious feelings for, would have you melting, but this time you feel anxious.

So you...

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