Act unconcerned

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"Calm down, Jase, geez, you act like my father sometimes. There's nothing to worry about."

Jase seems to hesitated before responding. "Just do this for me, check your doors and windows."

"Jase, I've been living in this apartment building for over a year and nothing like that has ever happened. I'm sorry someone had a bad experience, but they aren't me. You worrywart." You lightheartedly tease him. But he doesn't seem to take it lightly at all...

"Sarah, listen to me..." He sounds...Worried. "I know you. You really don't realize what kind of dangers lurk out here in the real world. You need to be more careful. Tonight it may not have been a violent act, or your home that was infiltrated, but it could just as easily have been. I won't be able to relax unless I know you're safe. So please? Get up right now, lock your door, and windows, then you can go back to bed and I'll leave you alone for the night."

You sigh softly. His protectiveness is rather endearing, but a bit overbearing. And it's cute how he assumes you've been in bed sleeping all this time. Still, you climb to your feet and go check your door and windows. "There, just for you. Everything is locked up tighter than a drum. I'm safe and sound. Happy?"

You can almost picture Jase nodding. "Very. Thank you. Now go back to sleep. Good night, Sarah."

"Good night, Jase." You shake your head as you hang up. You wonder where this relationship is going. It's not really a romantic one so far, more like a friendship, but just a bit beyond that too. What will be in store for you two next?

The following day you...

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