Confidently reassure him

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You've had experience dealing with tight situations before. Despite how difficult this is for your emotions, you reign them in and answer him smoothly. "Everything's perfectly find here, Jase. Relax. Calm down. I know how to take care of myself. I've got all my windows locked, my door is locked, the outside light is turned on, and my phone is by my side with 911 on speed dial."

You hear Jase's relieved chuckle on the other end. "I should have known you'd be prepared like that." You smile to yourself. Mission accomplished. Jase is calmer now.

"How's work going?" You ask him casually as you start to change into your pjs.

"It's a slow night, but this break-in is unusual."

"Oh?" You question, wondering why it was. You hadn't done anything to leave any evidence behind, had you?

"Yeah. This guy has got a collection of vintage wine, baseball cards, coins, stamps, and even tools, but the thief ignored all of that. They didn't even go for the cash laying out on the counter that the victim's son had left out earlier. All the thief took was a doll..." Jase sounded utterly baffled.

You try not to laugh. "Maybe the thief was a six year old girl. Sometimes they really can be brutal about their toys." You joke. Jase laughs. "Ha, true. Well, I better get back to work, and it's late, sorry to interrupt you, you're probably getting ready for bed if you weren't already sleeping. I'm glad you're safe. Goodnight, Sarah."

You say a soft goodnight before hanging up and flopping across your bed.

In the morning you...

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