Stammer out a response

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Caught off guard, you do your best to reply to him. "I-I...Y..Yeah...Oh yeah. I'm fine, Jase. How are you?" You don't sound convincing, even to yourself. There is a pause on the other end as if Jase is thinking. You just hope he isn't thinking too hard right now.

"Sarah, is something wrong?"

Uh oh. You frown. "Uh, no. No, no. Not at all. So a break in huh? Sounds bad." You try to distract him and it seems to work. But Jase is a smart guy, so you're pretty sure he isn't completely buying that all is well on your end, even if he's letting you drop it for now.

"It's not too bad. Nobody was injured in the break-in. Something valuable was taken though. I gotta get back to work for now, but check all your windows and doors. Make sure they're locked up tight. I'll check back with you later, okay?"

"Sure." You say your goodbyes before hanging up. You sighed and sat back.

You and Jase met several months back when you found out he and you lived in the same neighborhood, shopped at the same store, frequented the same laundry mat and various other places in town and kept running into each other. At first, it was exciting and fun and you enjoyed getting to know this handsome guy, but...Then one night as you were keeping an eye on a place you had burglarized previously, you saw the police swarming the area and there he was. Jase. You were shocked to learn that the man you might have been falling for, was someone who might also happily put you behind bars.

Ever since then, things have been rough for you.

For now you...

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