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Jessica decides that it would just be weird if she were to walk the same route as Amy but not with her and so she she thinks that she can take a slight detour but enevitably end up back on this route but far behind Amy.

Crossing over the path and through the trees Jessica makes it to the other side of the road and begin walking down a bridel path. The path is shaded with trees and thus making the terrain rather difficult to coordinate resulting in Jess losing her footing on many occasions. 

To Jessicas left are allotments and to her right is a large field with a cluster of trees at the far end and dotted around. 

Dispite having to empty her shoes with stones it a rather pleasent walk with the sun sneaking through the tree's and catching her bear skin Jessica wondered why she didn't walk this way more often until up ahead noticed a bunch kids around her age smoking and drinking what appeared to be cider.

As Jessica got closer to the gang of she noticed that they were from another school not far from her current school and had it not been for Jessicas pleas to be with her friends would have gone to.

High Farm High was a free school funded by the government, most of the pupils that went there were mixed race around 70/30% and didn't have adaqute funding for sports nor did it have an affiliation with any universities which had made the decision easier for Jessicas parents to spend more money on the better school. 

Jessica continues walking although admitently slower than she had been. Jessica cursed herself for not walking with Amy and questiond how she could be so stupid.

As Jessica drew ever closer she could hear the lewd coments coming from the gang ahead "Aiko! Suck me babe" blurted out a girl stood facing the crowd on the left "watcha juz saytome nigga" said an Asian girl half spitting out her mouth full of cider, "Suck my cunt" "screw that let me Suck your tit" "pass the drink over here" "you've smoked way too much" "hold up" "pass the smoke" "hold up" "I'll Suck your cunt till your dry if you can get Niko hard" "hold up who's that" drunkenly questioned a girl sitting down leaning against a tree and half heartedly pointing towards Jessica. The gang hushed there words looking on at whomever had stopped in the middle of the path looking back with equal intensity. 

Jessica only has a few choices to make before these people start walking towards her.

Countue walking down the path

Decide that she could probably outrun them

Go left into the nearest allotment

Go right and cross the field

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