Countue walking down the path

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Jessica assumes that if she walks with purpose and keeps her wits about her she will make it passed this group continue down the path and in no time will be back on her normal route. 

Hi slut... Jessica continued walking hoping that the comment wasn't meant for her. I said hi slut the Asian brunette announced spinning Jessica around by her shoulder. Jessica standing still and shocked by the classification she had just been given. Well slut aren't you going to say anything?!? Jessica looking the girl in the eyes stammered her reply I...I'm..m. I'm sorry?

Sorry! Shouted the brunette oh my god! Who the fuck are you? My m m maname is is Jessica, Jessica continued to stammer. "I'm sorry I just, I just, I'm" pointing her way down the path and turning her body to begin walking again when she was once again spun by her shoulder but with more force this time slamming her back into a tree and a fist hitting  directly her in the stomach. 

Jessica fell to the ground on her knees trying to catch her breath but what she had managed to catch was quickly gone again as Jessica screamed. Aiko pulled Jessica to her feet by her hair and slammed another punch into Jessica's gut. Jessica fell limp to the ground a kick to jessicas abdomen caused her to throw up a little in her mouth and another vicious kick between her chest resulted in the vomit leaving her now gasping for air mouth.

Jessica was once again lifted to her feet and arms held behind her back keeping her upright. 

"Who are you?" asked the Asian girl

No reply, only whimpering came from Jessica. 

"Who are you" she asked again

Jessica coming to her senses more tried to free her arms from behind her back but was met with a quick slap across her face.

Teary eyed Jessica struggled to see her attacker but knew things were only going to get worse.

Aiko stood triumphant infront of the crying girl with her hands on her hips a outing incoherent things towards her victim.

What should we do with you Aiko finally said whilst tapping her finger on her chin.

Hmm let's see, Aiko started walking around her venerable prey poking and caressing the bits of Jessica's flesh that was on show.

I suppose we could fuck you

Beat you around a little bit more

Kill you

Take you home, my family could do with a little cheering up

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