Go left into the nearest allotment

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Jessica hops a fence to her left into the joining allotment.

The space was bigger than she imagined, An old renult reliant car was at the side, rusty garden and mechanic tool's were laid out around an unmanaged garden, to right there was a pond of some sort and behind the damaged car was a garden hut. It may have been in a state of disrepair but the door was open a jar and perhaps Jessica's only salvation.

Running towards the door Jessica was disheartened as although the door was open it looked near impossible to fit through the gap.

Terror rips through Jessica's body as three members of the group tie her hands and left her to hang from a large hook suspended from the rafters of the garden hut, her useless legs left dangling with her feet inches from the ground.

"She looks just like a little pink punching bag hanging there so helpless." Melony said as she stepped in front of Jessica's suspended body.

"Why don't you see just how fit she really is." The short boy chimed in with a giggle as Melony moved behind Jessica and placed a hand on either side of her petite ribcage.

"Good idea, I'll give you a little demonstration of how to treat your women Kris"

Melony begins her as sultanas on Jessica's tender midsection. Punch after devastating puck is thrown by the buxom attacker each one harder than the other whilst Akio stood smoking and idely by watching the torment continue encouraging the assult.

"You little bitch!" Melony screams as she pummels Jessica's flat tummy. "You think you're better than us. . . 

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