Go right and cross the field

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Jessica thinks that running across the field will will help aid her in evading the group and easier to run away.

Jessica continued to run as fast as her legs could move but she could hear the thudding of the group on the ground as they were closing up behind her coupled with the vulgar comments ringing in her ears.

In an effort to make it more difficult for her persuaers Jessica begins to zig zag cautiously looking over her shoulder as she does.

It doesn't work, with each stride taking more energy than anticipated Jessica notices a barn and makes her way for it.

Jessica ran into a barn in the middle of the field and closed the barn doors behind her but it was futile as there was no lock for the doors

Banging on the door started as Jessica tried holding it closed but as each member of the group got the door Jessica was finding it more and more difficult to hold back the intoxicated teens.

Jessica was holding tight to the door as the group tried pulling it open and with her back to the barn she didn't notice one of the boys silently enter the barn from the side door.

Blinding pain was rushing to Jessica scalp as the boy quickly grabbed the back of her hair and yanked down resulting in Jessica lying in a heap on the floor gasping for air and clutching her forehead.

The group began dragging the sticker teenager toward the back of the barn where quickly removed a belt and harnessed it around Jessica's small wrists. Jessica was now lifted and her arms and belt weaved through one of the stalls stretching her arms high into the air till she stood on her tip toes. As Jessica cried and begged them to let her go, their hands roamed over her trembling body and pinched and probed between her legs and cruelly pinched her nipples through her blouse. Desperately she begged them to let her go, but they laughed and told her that she was just perfect for the staring role in being their pet slave and fuck toy. And without thinking she screamed out that she was a virgin.

The group stepped back and looked at her in disbelief and then without a word Aiko stepped in front of her lifting her miniskirt, grabbing her thong she ripped them from her trembling hips, and shoved her fingers into her pussy making her scream again. "Holy shit, this cunt is a virgin! A great looking piece of ass like this and a virgin to boot.

I'm going to enjoy taking your cherry

Let's see then, should we tie you up

Let the pig's fuck you

How about one of the cow's

Perhaps I should just fist you and be done with it

We could use you, get some photos

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