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An older yet generally quiet member of charas; mostly remembered for his idea of a tutorials section. He is also remembered for his GREAT love of dragons and reptiles in general. There was a slight war between Reain_ and Rowan long ago on who liked dragons more.

Join Date Sep 29, 2003
Status Normal member
Position Senior Member
Birthday Nov 21, 1988
Gender Male
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First months on Charas

Rowan joined around the end of the month September of the year 2003. Rowan initially joined to show off a (very poor) edit of a charaset. His first person he befriended on charas was Darkfox. Charas was basically Rowan's first time on a community forum therefore he sometimes committed some noobish acts.


Rowan is generally quiet about most issues and takes a neutral position on events at times. He is generally friendly towards others and respect some of the older members of the forums. Rowan in the past was known as the dragon equivalent of Darkfox. His love of dragons was unmatched. Due to his absence, dragonium and/or dragonblaze gained the title of the communtiy dragon lovers. Rowan is also a bigtime otaku and loves many different Anime :).

Long-Term Absence

Throughout early 2004 thru late 2006, Rowan went missing and only seldomnly posted. Due to this, he is generally known as one of the lesser active senior members.

Current Activity

Rowan currently is studying drawing skills. He also enlisted within the N.A.V.Y and is currently awaiting deportment. Rowan is a active member of the DeviantArt community: URL = Dupa. Rowan also participates in some Bemani style games and is a craze fanatic of DDR and the online games FFR/Stepmania. He WAS one of the top 500 best players (out of 1,000,000+ players.) in the FFR community, but due to step-quality of half of the songs on the flash game, AND Stepmania just being plain better then FFR, he retired and his rank has been slowly dropping. FFR Profile = FFR DraikRoan Unlike the past, Rowan has become slightly less active but still retains his name as a senior member of Charas.


Eternal Eve -- CANCELLED Cancelled due to computer crash and a reformat.

Osheru: Shori -- HIATUS This game is currently on a slight hiatus to give Rowan time to prepare for the artwork for the game.

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