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Join Date July 19, 2004
Status Active
Position Senior Member
Birthday April 24, 1990
Gender Male
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Average Beginnings

Drenrin2120 started his membership as most members at Charas-Project forums do, with little know how and not much sense. It can be argued he still hasn't much sense. Dren, as he was soon called for short, knew very little about RPG Maker and even less about MIDI Making. His foolish questions and antics can be found in very early posts. His welcome topic can be viewed here.


When Dren was first introduced to the possibility of MIDI, to him, it was an unbelievable thing. To make your own music and put it into your game? An amazing concept. Though his first MIDIs were of very poor quality, little harmony, and simple ideas, his fascination of it all only grew. MIDI making became a passion, it was essentially composing, and it was and still is what he loves to do.

Drenrin joined the MIDI Team on two occasions. Once around early 2005 and again around mid 2006. Both teams he eventually quit the team due to excessive requests and not enough time to complete each one while maintaining other projects.

On February 17th, 2006, Drenrin started his own MIDI Gallery which he later renamed "drenrin's Music Gallery". Several MIDIs have been released since the opening and even a few MP3s.


In a fit of teenage angst, on the date of March 5, 2005, Dren posted a leaving thread. (found here) Along with it he posted a MIDI that was really quite sad and over dramatic. The leave of absence, however was short lived, he returned only 18 days later.

There were a few minor incidents involving Drenrin2120 which rubbed mods and members alike the wrong way. In April of 2005, a shameful second and third account were made by Drenrin2120. He tried to pass himself off as a gay, forum-illiterate male as a joke. However, he was blissfully unaware of a computer identification system known as IP-Address. It didn't take long for the Admins and Mods to realize what was going on. Shortly after a PM was received from Ghostclown, a moderator at the time, Drenrin made an apology thread (found here) confessing his blunderous acts of stupidity. He was Almost Banned for about a month or so.<

Rm2k3 Projects

Drenrin has always wanted to make and finish his own RPG. Ever since he first started to use RPG Makers for other systems such as the Playstation and PS2. He has an urge to create his own custom things. This urge can stem from simple things such as unique projects, or complex things like RPGs. While on Charas, Drenrin has started two different rm2k3 projects.


On July 26th, 2004, Drenrin posted his first publicized project. It was a simple game called Dragonlord. The basic idea behind the game with a cliche plot of crystals and an ultimate power hidden within them. The only real significance separating this game from other common RPGMaker games is the idea of dragons living in peace with humans. Though even this is a far cry from original. The game put out one demo which received a not too impressive score from the Beta Testers. (view here) The game eventually died and the project files were deleted. The site on which it was hosted was also deleted due to a violation of ToS. No files of this game exist anymore, only screenshots.

The Ghosts of Heart Lake

The Ghosts of Heart Lake
Project Name .The Ghosts of Heart Lake
Status Progressive Development
Features small CMS, custom Battle Sprites, custom MIDIs
Date Started July 7th, 2005
Expected Release Date Late 2007/Early 2008
Link to Game Thread

The Ghosts of Heart Lake, GoHL for short, started as a simple idea written on a notepad back in the summer of '05. On July 7th, 2005, the idea had turned into an rm2k3 project which had developed enough to deserve a thread on it. At the time, the story was the only thing saving it. The graphics were quite horrendous and unmatching. The plot was also very unstable and far from completion. Help was greatly received from many members of the forum. Most notably were InsaneJP and Bluhman.

A Trailer was released on July 19th. It was Dren's first ever trailer and had very bad quality. However, it was part of a trend at the time where Trailers were new and exciting, therefor it was widely enjoyed. The trailer was quickly followed up by the first demo on the 26th of that month, which was also enjoyed by many. Complaints were existent though, and they consisted of bad music and unmatching graphic styles. For the next few months, things were quite productive.

Midis were released and screenshots posted. Even a second trailer which was much better than the first, all up until Dren left for the second time due to trolls. He eventually returned and had decided to turn his game into a book, the idea was not a long lasting one, though, and it quickly lost interest.

Turning back to the idea of finishing an RPG, Drenrin2120 returned in full force on June 3, 2006. (here)The screenshots he posted showed major improvement graphics wise, the story and plot line were also different. Music had been edited and some songs completely deleted off the GoHL tracklist and many new ones were added. A mini demo depicting only the intro was released on September 22, 2006. Reactions were generally good and constructive showing high hopes for GoHL's success in the future. GoHL was headed in a good direction.

To this day, GoHL is still under construction and going strong. Drenrin has vowed to finish this game or finish none. Another, much longer demo is being compiled, which is expected to be the last before a trailer release. The trailer is only a distance thought, however, for the plan is to release that only months before the release of the finished game.

Another Goodbye

Once again, on February 5 of this year, Drenrin2120 would say goodbye. Leaving for around two months, he soon came back after an urge to do some work on RPG Maker. He would get a lot done during this, and would begin posting in his midi thread once again.

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