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The Charas movie is a community project, which never took off. In other words, epic PHAIL.



The Charas movie started off as an idea from a member called Cosmo around the end of 2003, and sprouted from the bandwidth problem issue, where Charas needed exposure, so that it could earn money to pay off any server bills. The idea was to show every member with their typical traits, for example, GaryCXJk as a flamer and Alex as the main man.

The first version was made by GaryCXJk, but was never completed. This first draft contained a sort of tutorial in the style of the RPG Maker games, after which the screen faded out, and faded back in to a street which is supposedly Venice. In the background O Sole Mio can be heard.

Eventually the idea died down.

A second attempt

In January 2006 a second attempt was started. However, it also died. This time it had an actual storyline. There was only an outline of the story, but no actual animation had been made.

The plot

GaryCXJk made a topic in which the basic plot was outlined. In essence the story was all about betrayal and trust. The story often shifted to different characters, to give everybody a chance to be in the spotlight.


The Charas Movie poster, with the All Your Game influence.
  • A manipulated image was created for the Alex Carreer topic, in which Alex got put in several situations in which he supposedly worked. One was the Charas Movie one, in which the faces of the Jackass members, as depicted in the Jackass the Movie poster, were replaced by the faces of Charas-members. This later became a bitmap for the Charas Breakout game, and even appeared in the first draft for the Charas Movie.
  • The profiles of the playable characters of Charas Breakout DX were based on the characters for the second attempt. Whether or not this will forshadow another attempt is currently unknown.
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