SCW Hardcore Championship

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SCW Hardcore Championship

SCW Hardcore Championship belt

Current champion(s) Lil' Scarr
Date won July 4, 2012
Promotion Smash Championship Wrestling
Date established 2003
Other name(s)
  • EWF Hardcore Championship
  • Dome Hardcore Championship
  • WW Hardcore Championship
  • SCW Hardcore Championship
Most reigns Marko Man (2 reigns)
First champion Blue Lightning
Longest reign Marko Man
Shortest reign Justin
Oldest champion Jacko / Lil' Scarr (23 years)
Youngest champion Blue Lightning (15 years)
Heaviest champion Unknown
Lightest champion Unknown

The Smash Championship Wrestling (SCW) Hardcore Championship is a hardcore backyard wrestling championship in Smash Championship Wrestling and is contested under "hardcore" rules, meaning there is no disqualifications, no countouts, and pin falls could be counted anywhere.



The SCW Hardcore Championship was introduced in the early 2000s with Blue Lightning becoming the first champion. After losing the title to R.P.J., he never attempted to recapture it, mainly because of retirement.


After Marko Man began his journey to becoming the SCW Heavyweight Champion for the first time, he abandoned the title, causing the Hardcore Championship to become inactive.


In May 2012, the title was reactivated by the board of directors. Jacko won a battle royal involving Lil' Scarr, Kidd Flash, Convict and Crazy Joe to revive the title on July 4, 2012 at SCW Star-Spangled Slaughter.


The first champion was Blue Lightning who won but records unclear as to whom he defeated to become the first champion. Marko Man holds the record for the most reigns with two reigns. The shortest reign lasted less than one day as Justin won and awarded the title during the same SCW taping event. Marko Man holds the record for the longest reign (as a individual) with records unclear of how many days held. The current champion is Lil' Scarr, who is in his first reign, by submitting Jacko to win the championship on July 4, 2012 at SCW Star-Spangled Slaughter.

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