SCW Heavyweight Championship (New York)

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SCW Heavyweight Championship

SCW Heavyweight Championship belt

Current champion(s) Marko Man
Date won June 19, 2012
Promotion Smash Championship Wrestling
Date established 2000
Other name(s)
  • EWF Heavyweight Championship
  • Dome Heavyweight Championship
  • WW Heavyweight Championship
  • SCW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Most reigns Jacko (? reigns)
First champion Justin
Longest reign Unknown
Shortest reign Unknown
Oldest champion Joe the Show (25 years)
Youngest champion Justin (12 years)
Heaviest champion Unknown
Lightest champion Felon

The Smash Championship Wrestling (SCW) Heavyweight Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship in Smash Championship Wrestling. It is the highest ranked title in all of the federation and has been around since the founding of the company.


The SCW Heavyweight Championship was introduced in 2000 with Justin becoming the first champion. However, its origin is attributed to events that began when the company was known as the Extreme Wrestling Federation. Renaming the championship to the Dome Heavyweight Championship. In 2007, the championship became known as the WW Heavyweight Championship. In 2008, the championship became known as the SCW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship and later simply as the SCW Heavyweight Championship by the 2010s.

On September 12, 2011, Felon became the first and only woman to hold the SCW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Jacko.


The SCW Heavyweight Championship was the first championship introduced into SCW in 2000. The inaugural champion was Justin, and there have been 7 different official champions overall. The longest reigning champion is unclear. The shortest reigning champion is unclear who officially held the title for 30 seconds or less. The youngest champion is unclear. The oldest champion is Joe the Show, who won at the age of 25. Records are unclear who has held the title the most times. The current champion is Marko Man, who is in his third reign, by pinning Felon to win the championship on June 19, 2012.

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