Untouchable X

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Untouchable X
Tag Team
Members Jacko
Name(s) Untouchable X
Heights N/A
Combined weight N/A
Billed from N/A
Debut 2006
Promotion(s) SCW

Untouchable X are a backyard wrestling tag team, consisting of Jacko and Convict. They are currently signed to Smash Championship Wrestling (SCW).

In wrestling

  • Entrance themes
  • "Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name" by Mercy
Smash Championship Wrestling
Championships SCW Heavyweight Championship (reigns) • SCW Hardcore Championship (reigns)
Accomplishments Money in the BankSCW Awards
Roster ConvictCrazy JoeFelonJackoKidd FlashLil' ScarrMarko ManAlumni
Tag teams and stables Convicted FelonsKiller Bees World Order • Plague Syndicate • Team UltimateUntouchable X
Shows SCW TuesdaySpecial events
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