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Just Joe
Ring name Just Joe
Height 5 foot 6 inches
Weight 180 lbs
Resides The Capitol
Debut 2010

Just Joe is currently the manager of UWO tag team Gimmick Infringement.


UWO Debut

Joe made his UWO debut at UWO XIII - May Day II after the SCBYWA Tag Team Championship match between Gimmick Infringement and the Power Trip. He would come out and deliver a powerslam to then manager of Gimmick Infringement Paul Pearl and claim himself as the new manager of Gimmick Infringement.

Gimmick's First Title

Before UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny Asylum cut a promo in which he didnt say a single word but was jumped by a mystery opponent who looked and dressed just like him, in the mask Asylum wears to the ring. At the event, Asylum was in a Gauntlet Match for the UWO Xtreme X Championship. He made Hall tap out, and pinned Alan M., Kid-Saneo, Big-Saneo, and Rocman Da Pimp. As his music was playing he grabbed his title and the Imposter Asylum came out and hit him with his own finishing move and pinning Asylum to end the longest reign of the UWO Xtreme X Championship. The Imposter Asylum was joined by Patent in the ring in which Patent takes off the mask to show his tag team partner Tray D. Marks as the new UWO Xtreme X Champion.

At UWO XV - Back to the Backyard II Joe would make his presence felt by interfering in Patent's match with L.A. RaZa and by intentionally beating up the referee before Tray's first title defense and claiming himself as the new "Special Referee" of the match. The match between Asylum, Sterling Silverman, and Tray D. Marks was undoubtedly won by Tray D. Marks with the help of Gimmick Infringement.

At SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 Gimmick Infringement would face the Power Trip once again for the SCBYWA Tag Team Championships in a T6 Match. Joe would suffer the biggest lapse in his managerial career as Gimmick Infringement would once again get screwed out of their SCBYWA Tag Team Championships as Paul Pearl called for an "instant replay" that showed both Marks and MiZerY went through a table at the same time. Gimmick would go on to lose the match, and afterward an angry Asylum would come out and take revenge out on Marks, and cash in his Any Title, Any Time Contract and cash in and take back his UWO Xtreme X Championship from Tray D. Marks.

SCBYWA Tag Team Championships

Days before SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) Gimmick Infringement was still without a match. They found and kidnapped newly acquainted SCBYWA Commissioner Paul Pearl and demanded a title shot at WrestleFest. Paul denied them a shot, and spit in Patent's face. Marks then pulled out a shotgun and threatened Paul's life. Paul signed the contract and the WrestleFest match was set.

At WrestleFest II it was the final match of the feud, it was a Three Stages in Hell Match against the Power Trip. They would lose the first fall in a chairs match. They would win the second fall in the Thumbtacks Match. During the last fall it was Last Man Standing. They would hit MiZerY with both of his own finishing moves, and MiZerY could not answer the ten count and Gimmick Infringement would go on to become the 2nd ever SCBYWA Tag Team Championships.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • Davey Boy Smith Powerslam
    • Rejection Stamp (Ric Flair Chop to the Forehead)
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Love?" by Strapping Young Lad [UWO Edit]
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