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Ring name Big-Saneo
Height 6 foot 0 inches
Weight 245 lbs
Born Unknown
Resides The Bayou of South Carolina
Debut 2010

Big-Saneo competes in backyard wrestling under the Underground Wrestling Organization. He is currently in a tag team with a "so called relative" Kid-Saneo.


In 2010 Big-Saneo made his debut at UWO XIII - May Day II in a match between Kid-Saneo and Bull McBride. During the match, he slid out from underneath the ring while the referee was distracted and delivered a stunner to Bull McBride before sliding out of the ring.

He would have his first match at UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny in a Gauntlet Match for the UWO Xtreme X Championship. He slid out from underneath the ring once again after his "relative" Kid-Saneo was pinned and was pinned under a minute by Asylum.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Stunner

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