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Sci-Fi Handgun

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Sci-fi Handgun
Ammo 30 Energy Cells/200 Energy Cells
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Zoom Short range
Primary Fire Fires energy cells, normal
Secondary Fire Fires energy cells, ricochets of walls
Games All

The Sci-Fi Handgun is generally an awkward weapon to master. It's well known richochets can bounce about the room and hit you as well as your opponent and the gun itself isn't exceedingly strong in TS2. With an Action Replay in TS2, a beta Sci-Fi Handgun can be found. It's primary fire was an orange blast, and secondary shot 3 green orbs in a linear area, and all 3 hitting an enemy killed them in one shot.

The TimeSplitters: Future Perfect version of this weapon is a vast improvement over the TimeSplitters 2 model. It can fire as quickly as you can pull the triger, has a reasonably large clip, is very accurate and has a high damage rating, and also a small zoom ability. This version is a vast improvement on the Sci-Fi pistol of TimeSplitters 2, which was generaly recived as a very poor weapon. This version has the ability to fire ordinary blue plasma round, which are high damaging, or to fire the traditional 'rebounding' rounds, which are green and slightly less powerfull. As always, care is advised whilst the rebound function is active, as shots fired at a wall right infront of you have an alarming tendancy to bounce back at you.

The compusary 3-shot-burst has also been removed from this version, along with the ability to turn the rebound shots on and off, making it a much more user friendly weapon. It has a magazine capacity of 16 and a large amount of reserve ammo, making it a very useful weapon in your arsenel.

The Sci-Fi Handgun from TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Of course, two Sci-Fi handguns are better then one. In arcade matches against non-computer opponents, there's a trick with the handgun (duel wielding for best measure) that lets you confuse your buddies, and allows you for a quick getaway within the confusion. This will only work in corridor spaces--the arcade level Bunker is a snap for this throughout the level. When an enemy is chasing you--knowing that you'll probably get hit a few times, turn around, flick the Reflective Bullet function on, and let loose in a spiral around you, aiming only at the walls, floor and ceiling. The sharper the angle that you shoot it off at, the more that this "Bullet Wall" will be concentrated. Your pursuer will probably try to dodge the best he can--and eventually, start to back off from the flood--or just flat out panic. His vision of you will also be obscured, giving you the few short seconds you need to escape. Not reccomended to try multiple times in a row..people learn faster than bots.

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