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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

  • From 1847 until 1877, it would have been necessary to travel to Oregon City to get anything that a farmer couldn't raise himself or trade his neighbor for such as salt, sugar, oranges, coffee, tea, and etc were prized possessions. In 1877, it would have taken 2 weeks to travel to Oregon City If you had a horse! It was of little value to travel to Eugene which was approximately 3 and a half hours away by horse and/or buggy since Eugene wasn't much bigger than Coburg.
  • In mid-August: "Diptheria - There has been quite a number of cases of this terrible disease in the neighborhood of Spore's Ferry, seven or eight miles north of this city, four or five of which have proved fatal. Elsewhere we notice the death of Miss Wilkins, and we learn that two of Mr. George H. Murch's children died this week of the same disease, while there are several cases that, in all probability, will prove fatal."

[edit] Springfield

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