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Name: Derek Satchel
Common Name: Legionnaire
Species: Forcastian Anthris Dragon (Blue)
Occupation: College Student

[edit] Overview

Legionnaire styles himself an entrepreneur, inventor, and freelance researcher. He currently resides in an apartment in Forester Square, and is enrolled in a college in a nearby city. Legionnaire is an extremely brilliant dragon, and is able to stay calm in almost any situation while he thinks things out. He also has a quick wit, and can be bitingly sarcastic at times. He is rational and collected, and difficult to anger. At times, he can be overanalytical and overlook details. He is currently in a romantic relationship with another scientist-type, Elena.

Legionnaire's parents reside in Tardonis, Catpurr, where they only recently moved when Legionnaire's father, Javier Satchel, was offered a teaching position at the famous Technomantic Academy of Tardonis. Legionnaire regularly visits his parents by way of the Forcastian Teleportation System that his father helped conceive.

[edit] Psych Profile

Legionnaire possesses no technomancy and only a rudimentary knowledge of how to use auric powers, prefering to rely on personal logic and reason to fight his battles, rather than flashy magic tricks. He uses his aura mainly to assist his concentration and ability to focus when presented with a difficult problem.

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