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Just spent about five hours cleaning up this page. Yes, I can be a little OCD sometimes, lol.

Here are some suggestions for keeping it tidy and formatting new stories consistently:

  • Titles should not be IN ALL CAPS. The first letter of each word Should Be Capitalized, unless it's a word like a, the, or, or to, except when it's the first word. Example: The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • If you want to put something in parenthesis after your title, put it outside of the brackets so it doesn't become part of the link. Example: [[My New Boyfriend]] (Gay)
  • When putting titles in alphabetical order, don't count words like A, An or The. So a story called The Beggar would go under B and A Sex Adventure would go under S.
  • Also the Category page should have the same name as the title of the story. Capitalization counts! One exception to this is if you have a really long title, like How I Seduced My Teacher and Won the Lottery. You don't want to have to type that on every page you create, so an acronym would would better, like HISMTWL or something like that.

(P.S. I hope it was okay that I just jumped in and did this!) --Mokarran 00:18, 25 March 2013 (UTC)

Bummer, the fancy code I'd used cause "too many expensive parser calls" or something like that, so I had to revert it. Maybe we could think about breaking it up into smaller pages, because not having to manually update the number of pages in each story would be cool. --Mokarran 00:31, 25 March 2013 (UTC)

On second thought, breaking it into smaller pages would be a lot of work for very little purpose. The fancy auto-update code is cool, but considering how many stories have not been worked on in months, if not years, it really doesn't matter if we have up-to-the-second updates on the number of pages. So forget my previous suggestion. A better idea would be to use the code on just the stories that are actually being worked on, and maybe even delete it from ones that haven't been worked on six months or more, just to clean up the page and make it faster. Then, if someone decides to work on an old story, they can add the code if they plan on sticking around. Just an idea. --Mokarran 02:02, 25 March 2013 (UTC)

I notice there are alot of stories here that seem like they belong in the pit, stories with red links (the title link) or few pages and no growth for a long time. I know the pit is aimed at stories under 10 pages, that have not been worked on for a while. While I know I could just move them to the pit, it seems better to ask if this is ok for stories that have less than 10 pages (and if the story has red links, meaning it is not just a very short story) and have not been worked on in over 1+ years, if it is ok if I move some of these. I feel it takes away from active and/or completed stories and creates too many dead story clutter links. Maybe it is like Mokarran, OCD speaking. Do I have permission to try to clean this up a little? And P.S. Why do people try to claim their story is private, then post the story to the main index anyways? --Dirty Me 05:30, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

By 'private', they mean they don't want anyone else adding their own writing. They do want the public to see what they've written, and that's only likely to happen if there's a link in the main index.

The red-linked stories in the index really need to be eliminated. The long-neglected stories need to be shuffled off to the Pit. The '10 page' mandate was made at a time when there weren't nearly so many abandonned stories. If you want to help with uncluttering things, feel free to do so. --Platypus 12:21, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

I removed all the red links from the main story categories except for mature. I can help do that another time. I have moved a few of the Adult stories to the pit, but am trying to be careful if it has more than 10 pages and is less than a year. I will try to work on Mature to at least remove the red links, and maybe when I am up for it see what I can do to remove some of the incomplete stories that have not done anything in a year+. I go through strange moods, guess I was in an organizing mood today=P --Dirty Me 16:18, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

I was getting warnings about size and parser calls so I've broken up the page into smaller subsections. In the future I might try cleaning it up a bit more. --Underside 14:27, 11 July 2016 (UTC) Each subsection is just one letter now. I'll try tidying up the pages a bit more, now that there's room for parser calls. --Underside 19:25, 13 July 2016 (UTC) Reverted:checking with admin.

Just noticed Xex just edited this page to be nothing but his own story. DON'T do that, people. Go ahead and submit your story, just don't make it the only thing available. FurryEditor168

I think someone screwed up the page and I don't know how to put it back to the nice like a through z that was going on last time I looked at it. Or more accurately, I probably could do that, but I don't know if I'd be leaving a bunch of orphaned links in the process so I think probably someone with more experience on here should take a look at it. --GlitterSticky

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