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Please bare with me. I'm a perfectionist and I struggle with maintaining motivation. I fully intend to continue working on anything I'm working on, but often I'll do that work in a text file, or I will work on it here but not actually submit it until I'm happy with it. I also like to try and update things in clusters once I have different aspects of it prepared, so for instance I will work on a format or a template and roll it out along with a new page all at once. I don't like uploading pages that are only half finished, either, although I will sometimes change my mind about something later. I don't want to flood the recent changes with a bunch of small corrections to the same page, that's what the preview feature is for.

So, even if it seems like I'm not doing anything I have not abandoned my work, I will at the very least be thinking about how I want it to go, I just haven't shown any progress here on the site. Which I must admit, lately, has not been helped by the site being completely down for long periods.

For my current story, One Big Party, I realize that there are quite a few red links on the main page alone. Many of those I am working out not just the written part of what I want to add but the format, the presentation. I'm in the middle of working on a couple different templates for some of those pages, some of which are giving me issues. Until I'm done with those I don't feel that I'm ready to upload those pages. The others I am simply trying to find the motivation and the focus to continue writing. I have ideas for all of them but putting them into words is difficult, and time gets away from me very easily. Not to mention, I have an idea for how to include some basic artwork with my story, but since I don't know if I can actually upload images to this site, the method I plan to use may not work as I hope, and creating said art is also difficult to motivate myself to do.

Overall, I ask you to please be patient. I will try to push myself to at least periodically continue one of the existing story lines so that it doesn't seem completely abandoned, but I don't know what will come up in the future.

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