Enter Nimon

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Before we begin our tale, there is something you must do dear friend. Take care, because this decision will affect the rest of your game.

It's time to pick your character.

  • Ryd: Ryd is a Craiss (the Craiss are a vampiric race, except instead of being undead they are very much alive. They look almost human, but they have glowing red eyes and sharp fangs) youth who was exiled from his tribe for failing to complete the rite of passage. Venturing out into the Forest of Ash, Ryd seeks to slay a powerful force. He knows that if he returns back a conqueror then his people will accept him once again. Ryd is a Slayer, meaning that he can use swords and has a medium amount of health. Ryd can wear light, but not heavy armor.
  • Lannis: Lannis is a Dalf'ellan (Think elves! Except obviously they're not elves pfft) who lived in seclusion within Uru's wizard tower. His master, Uru, answered the call of the king to try to close the scars, and he left Lannis behind to attend to his affairs. Lannis awaited his master's return, but is starting to suspect he has died. Lannis leaves the tower behind to finish what his master started. Lannis is a Necromancer, which means that he can cast magical spells to summon minions and destroy his foes. He can use staves, but no armor. It should be noted he is quite fragile, but he also has a familiar, Pakki, to fight by his side.
  • Adnes: Adnes is a Kaeling (Kaelings are nature spirits who took human form: tall, beautiful, rock-esqe people) who grew up serving as the Hearth Keeper of the Temple of Aime, a task only for women, but since her twin sister died at birth, Adnes was raised as a girl to be the Hearth Keeper instead. One day, while Adnes was out meditating with the spirits of the Forest of Ash, undead attacked the Temple of Aime. Adnes returned to find all her fellow monks dead, and on that day she swore she would see the spirits of her fellow monks avenged. Adnes is a Monk. She can use the Sacred Powers to cast some healing spells and she can wield a spear in combat. She has moderate health and can wear light armor.
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