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Maybe I am going insane, I think to myself as I stand before the ornate doors of Uru Tower. I could go back in, hide myself deep within the tower and never surface again. I'd have Pakki to keep me company, and it's not as if anyone even knows I'm here. No one would be able to accuse me for letting the world die...

...but I couldn't. As much as I wanted to fade away and be forgotten I could not abandon my master's last wishes. Now, more than ever, I had to take up the mantle of apprentice and step outside the tower for the first time in...well a very long time.

Come to think of it, I had never left the tower ever since Uru first brought me here. There was never any need. I remained inside, maintaining the rituals that protected the tower and keeping Pakki company. They were a rather restless spirit, and had an almost admirable penchant of constantly getting themself into trouble. Almost.

The cat familiar floated through the air next to me, alighting by my side and assuming humanoid form. They did that whenever they wanted to interact with me, as they normally persisted on in their feline spirit form. When they appeared human, they had snow white hair that contrasted nicely with their sun-tanned brown skin. They cocked their head to the side and evaluated me with their deep green eyes. They were like twin forests blooming within the depths of their soul, betraying the wildness within them.

They was doing that thing where they were staring at me...

Lannis Status
Health 15 Equipment:

Staff of Fire, Robes of the Novice



Mana 50
Level 1 Love Interest None
Gold 0 Experience 0
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