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The Forest of Ash looms before me, and I know I will find no solace from the elements tonight. A single scar, glowing green against the dawning light of day, tore an expanse across the Forest of Ashes, thus resulting in the forest's unfortunate name. Though as far as the locals could tell me no demons had emerged from the scar, ash continuously rained down upon the once verdant growth. In time, the ash would choke out all life, and all that would remain here would be wooden decay.

I slipt quietly into the wilderness. I suppose one of the benefits of the ash-stained canopy was the sanctuary it provided me under the cover of darkness. Somewhere off in the distance, I could hear the sounds of running water. The water is probably filled with ash I thought to myself, but it wouldn't kill me if I ever ran low on my supplies.

Directly ahead of me, the woods thinned out to reveal a path. More than likely, this would cut straight through the bulk of the forest, and might even lead to a village.

To my immediate right, another, albeit obviously less traveled path, lay concealed within the foliage. Well, I can't stand around here forever.

Ryd Status
Health 30 Equipment:

Sword, Leather Shirt



Mana 0
Level 1 Love Interest None
Gold 0 Experience 0
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