Dirty Me/OMG I need to pee

From Create Your Own Story

Finally, you and your parents arrive at the stop.

Your dad slips out of the car to gas up while you throw the door open in a rush to find a restroom before you explode.

While normally you refuse to use public restrooms, you have even less desire to pee yourself.

Finding the sign, you rush over to the women's restroom, stepping in and stopping dead in your tracks.

Before you, the floor is absolutely flooded.

You almost cry out in despair, walking back out.

As you look around, you see no one else anywhere nearby, and the door to the men's restroom is right next to the women's.

Unable to wait any longer, you decide to just go use the men's restroom.

Upon entering, the stench rolls over you. You gag slightly, but cannot hold it anymore. You felt like you are about to explode. You also realize you are not alone. There are three stalls, and two urinals, and the doors to two of the stalls are closed. The middle stall has muffled slurping sounds, while heavy breathing is coming from the last stall, although you can hear the two people trying to muffle the sound.

You find yourself a bit aroused, but at the same time, your bladder is keeping your mind focused on one task only.

You go to the first stall, pull down your panties, lift your skirt, and promptly start relieving the entire bottle of Pepsi you drank before you left.

As you feel more relieved and the yellow flow slows, the sounds from the next stall started entering your consciousness again.

You are a bit shocked, thinking they would leave once they heard that someone had intruded during their playtime, but it seemed they are still going, and if anything, are getting a bit louder.

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