Dirty Me/Eww, just leave

From Create Your Own Story

You can guess what is going on, and now that you have relieved yourself, the sounds coming from next to you become much more noticeable.

You can't believe people would do things like that, especially in a place like this. So disgusting, you think to yourself.

It's not like your a stranger to sex, or licking a little penis, but somewhere like this? Eww.

You flush the toilet, and notice that it suddenly gets quieter in the bathroom.

With a devious thought, you decide to mess with the people in the other stalls.

After washing your hands and exiting the door, you poke your head in once more and, trying to make your voice sound deeper, you loudly say, "This is the police. Come out with your hands up."

You turn around and leave, glancing over your shoulder just in time to see two men running out of the bathroom, one still trying to pull up his pants, his underwear showing.

You laugh at them, then turn around and join your parents.

"I was about to go find you. You took so long, I was getting worried," your father states.

"Everything is fine dad," you reply, rolling your eyes. He still likes treating you like you are six and need a constant protector.

With that, everyone gets in and off you go, to the boring, stupid camping area.

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