Dirty Me/Peek

From Create Your Own Story

Intrigued, and because your nose is already numbed to the stench by this point, you hold off on flushing the toilet as you finish. You pull up your panties and smooth down your skirt, then slowly, carefully place your feet on either side of the seat and stand up so you could see over the top of the stall next to you.

You are shocked, but not greatly, since you already suspected what was going on, to see one man on his knees in the stall, licking and slurping at a penis sticking through a hole.

The man giving the blow-job is older, in his early 40s, with black hair sprinkled liberally with grey. No where near handsome, it appears that he at least is very proficient in what he is doing to the other man.

The penis he is sucking seems about average. It was 6" long, circumcised, and has no distinguishing marks.

Your mind immediately gives the man giving the blow-job the name Bob, for obvious reasons.

Bob takes the member into his mouth and vigorously moves his head back and forth. You are almost afraid he will suddenly smack his face against the stall wall, but he seems to be able to judge his movements perfectly. He occasionally removes the member from his mouth and licks it up and down, then gently presses the tip of his tongue against the pee hole at the tip.

He then puts it back in his mouth and starts moving up and down the shaft.

Watching him, you start to feel the heat build between your legs, as your pussy starts watering. Licking your lips, you imagine yourself down where Bob is, sucking and licking this stranger's penis that is sticking through a hole in the wall.

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