Dirty Me/Insert another quarter

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You decide you really want to see why the man was shrieking, and what has caused the woman to look like she was confused.

You dig out another quarter and drop it in, and the movie starts playing again immediately.

The woman reaches down and touches herself, at first running her hands over her breasts and stomach, then pushing her fingers inside her pussy.

"What the hell are you doing with my body?" The man screams at her, startling himself.

She gives him a seductive grin, which sadly looks more stupid then seductive. "Well, you wouldn't let me play with you while you were trying to entertain yourself without letting me touch. So, now I can touch all I want."

It seems the two somehow switched bodies.

"Leave it alone," he growls, taking a step towards her.

"Or what, you will hit yourself?" She looks at him and starts laughing. As her laughter subsides, she continues playing with herself, working her fingers in and out of her pussy, while bringing her other hand up to pinch and tug on her nipples.

"I will show you!" He shouts again. He leaves the room, and comes back in a few minutes with another woman. "You want to do things with my body, I will do things with yours."

The girl strips, kneeling in front of him. She takes his penis into her mouth and starts sucking him, fingers softly gripping his balls.

"Fine, if you want to do that, I can do it too." She leaves the room, and soon is followed by a brown haired man, looking like he just stepped from the cover of a playgirl magazine.

She removes his clothes and lays down on the couch. "Fuck me big boy!" She cries out.

He lays down on top of her, slowly sliding his penis into her pussy. Eventually, her pussy fully engulfs him, and moans rise from her throat.

The man, her husband from the sounds of it, decides to match her, pushing the girl back and moving her to the table. Once the girl is bent over, he slides in behind her, taking her doggy style.

Please insert 25ยข to continue

You guess you understand now where they make money from these. They may be cheap, but they are also short.

You also feel a distinct moisture in your panties, realizing you are getting very turned on by it. The story may suck, but the action definitely doesn't. Well, other than the sucking. That didn't suck either, you think to yourself, chuckling slightly at your bad joke.

There are still a few more quarters, so can watch longer, but it also makes you want to do something yourself. Why should they have all the fun?

You peek around, and notice the man is still there, and, another man appears to have come in. Funny, you didn't even hear him. He is right next to you, almost too close, watching a video of his own.

You wonder if you should take a chance and see if you can do something with one of these guys, or if you should watch the video more, and pleasure yourself.

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